Welcome to Neighbourhood Farm

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Our mission is simple :

We grow great wholesome food, create local employment, utilize renewable energy, give our teachers real educational resources and allow our children to dig up grubs, pull carrots out of the ground and connect with the earth – all in your suburb, around the corner from your home.


We install outdoor classrooms at every school.  A space where children can learn in a tactile environment. Where geography, science, biology and economics can be brought to life in a biologically diverse environment.

Around the classroom, we design and grow a permaculture garden, complete with fruit bearing trees, butterfly and perennial gardens, and where possible a natural pond to invite life back to the school.

Then there’s the economic heart of the project. The market garden. Beyond showing children how food is and should be grown,  it provides a small revenue  stream that not only makes the gardens sustainable, but regenerative as well.

All produce from the market garden is sold to the community, providing nutritious food, local employment, and an environment that is uplifting for our children.

Every school deserves a Neighbourhood Farm.

NPO Registration Number: 204/755NPO