Our Team

Justin Bonello: Founder and Director

Justin lives in Noordhoek, is father to Daniel, Samuel and Gabriella, and husband to Genie. He has three dogs and two chickens and ripped up his front lawn because he can’t eat grass. Justin is busy earning his green fingers and has been burning his fingers on the open fire for longer than he can remember. He is the founder of Cooked in Africa Films, and has produced and created more than 200 hours of content in more than 25 television shows. Has authored and published seven books with Penguin, and is now trying to save the world – one neighbourhood farm at a time, starting with ours.

Eugenie Tancred: Managing Director

Eugenie is the glue that keeps Neighbourhood Farm running.  She cut her teeth in the business world as a partner in Priest Post Production http://www.priest.co.za, before she realised that she wanted to give back to her community through children and a foray into a highly successful pre-school.  She joins Neighbourhood Farm after a sabbatical to focus on the upbringing of her two bundles of energy and brings her years of experience in high pressure posts to Neighbourhood Farm. 

Erik Haraldsen:  Operations Manager and Co-Founder

Erik met his beautiful wife, Roshni Naidoo, in 2009 and became proud parents of their son, Kai, in 2011. With Kai’s arrival came the desire to create a Utopia where we could all thrive together. His favourite quote comes from Dr Suess, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Graham Clack : Director and Farming Advisor

Graham is a maritime professional who consults to the marine industry. Ironically, for a man who built his career on the ocean, Graham’s true love is farming, utilizing sustainable and regenerative techniques and practices. In 2016, Graham, with his wife Gillian and daughter Stacey envisioned and founded Metro Organics , a family run enterprise that currently serves his local Noordhoek community with fresh, nutritious and non-toxic organic vegetables. His desire to be part of a sustainable eco-food movement that empowers and educates the youth, that works on eliminating poverty and improves health, dovetails neatly with the vision and mission of Neighbourhood Farm.

Pete Staley: Permaculture teacher and Farming Manager

After 22 years of service as a Senior Weapons Engineer in the Royal Navy, Pete reinvented himself as an urban farmer, permaculture teacher and designer. Pete relocated to South Africa with his South African-born wife, Germaine, and his family in 2014 and has spent time collaborating with community upliftment projects that deal with urban agriculture and youth education programmes.  Pete founded the Permaculture Research Centre Cape Town in April 2015. His goal is to make permaculture not only accessible but affordable to the people of Cape Town and beyond. This ties in beautifully with the Neighbourhood Farm’ s ethos. Pete is a qualified Permaculture Designer, is an avid GeoDome builder, a qualified square foot garden teacher, an aquaponics enthusiast and father of three beautiful children.

Carol Ann Brand: Administration and Fund Raising

Carol is major fund raising professional with more than 12 years’ experience. She’s been married forever, has two adult children and three awesome grandbabies.

Olivia Moodley and Garth Cloete: Human Resources

Olivia has six years’ experience covering the full spectrum of Human Resources. This includes recruitment and selection, employee wellness, HR design and training and development. Olivia’s expertise has been built through the banking, investment and retail industries.

Garth spent six years as an account manager at an international educational company and the last three years starting and heading up the Human Resource department at a firm. Over the past nine years Garth has developed business skills that have put him in a position to make decisions and develop and implement solutions in line with the business strategy. Garth is always keen to network and source new opportunities. His passion is driven by the following quote, “The highest reward for your work is not what you get for it, but what you become by it.” John C. Maxwell.

Kim Barty: Communications and PR

Kim has been in the communications industry for over three decades applying her energy, insight and communications skills to a variety of clients and projects. A true people’s person, Kim can’t help but communicate and she has worked in all sectors of communications – corporate PR, advertising, publishing and PR consulting.   She also partners with her husband in a social enterprise – BREADrev.

She and husband, Jeremy, have three children, live in Kalk Bay and swimming in the local tidal pool is part of their daily ritual. Kim loves communication that adds to more than just the bottom line: conversations and campaigns that build connection, collaboration and make a difference to the world which is why she’s so enthusiastic about Neighbourhood Farm.