Justin Bonello

Founder and CEO (Director)

Justin lives in Noordhoek, is father to Daniel, Samuel and Gabriella, and husband to Genie. He has three dogs and two chickens and ripped up his front lawn because he can’t eat grass. Justin is busy earning his green fingers and has been burning his fingers on the open fire for longer than he can remember. He is the founder of Cooked in Africa Films, and has produced and created more than 200 hours of content in more than 25 television shows. Has authored and published seven books with Penguin, and is now trying to save the world one neighbourhood farm at a time, starting with yours.

Eugenie Tancred

MD and Sales (Director)

Eugenie is the glue that keeps Neighbourhood Farm running. She cut her teeth in the business world as a partner in Priest Post Production http://www.priest.co.za, before she realised that she wanted to give back to her community through children and a foray into a highly successful pre-school. She joins Neighbourhood Farm after a sabbatical to focus on the upbringing of her two bundles of energy and brings her years of experience in high pressure posts to Neighbourhood Farm.

Louise Naude


Louise has some 40 years of experience in the administration and financial spheres having worked for various entities, big and small. Louise has served as a Director for more than 20 years, the most recent being an International Environmental Company dealing with Climate Change, Biodiversity, Renewable Energy, Water & Sanitation, Nexus Projects, EcoMobility and Food Security. In this position, she was responsible for dealing with and the full financial reporting mechanisms to international donors such as the European Commission, US Aid, Swede Bio, CDKN, British High Commission and GIZ, to name but a few.

Marcello Lourenco

Group Farm Manager

Marcello has his masters from the university of Stellenbosch in soil science, is run off his feet by his border collie Basil, and when he’s not on the ground managing our Neighborhood Farms, you can more than likely find him in the countryside, harvesting plants and cuttings from Heirloom plants and trees. His vision for Neighbourhood Farms is to create productive gardens, filled with the plants and species of our collective memory.

Brian Joffin

Training Farm Manager

Brian Joffin has been involved in small farming and horticulture for 39 years. Born in Johannesburg in 1953, he became a passionate organic gardener even as a child. His real passion is to create gardens and small farms that are both productive and beautiful, places that are an inspiration to all, places that reconnect people to nature.

Itai Mapurisa

Training Market Garden Foreman

Ithai is our training market garden foreman at the Ocean View Training Market Garden at Ocean View Secondary in Ocean View. He started his farming career at Living Hope, was the head market gardener at our Kommetjie Primary School Neighbourhood Farm in 2018 and was promoted to work with Training Farm Manager Brian Joffin in December of 2018. He lives in Masiphumele with his wife and 3 children and is passionate about organic farming.

Luvuyo Nyambali

Farm Manager Assistant

Luvuyo joined Neighbourhood Farm in 2018 as an intern from the Department of Agriculture. Currently, he’s working alongside Anele Gxilayo at the Kommetjie Primary Neighbourhood Farm and we see a great future for this astute young man.

Cebo Matoti

Nursery Foreman

Cebo joined Neighbourhood Farm in 2018 as an intern from the Department of Agriculture. Currently, he’s runs and maintains the nursery at the False Bay Hospital Neighbourhood Farm. His dream is too open a nursery in Nyanga and green the area for the betterment of all who live there.

Shaun Harrison

Sales, Distribution and Assistant MD

Shaun graduated from film school with a degree in writing and directing in 2012. Since then he has worked on many projects in the film industry, focusing on food and travel documentaries which has lead him to Neighbourhood Farm. With an interest in art, nature and people, this latest project is a perfect fit and he hopes to help bring the urban farming revolution to fruition.

Kyle Thomas

Volunteer Programme and School Liaison Officer

Kyle joined the team in January 2019 and is responsible for our edible garden installations and ongoing maintenance at our schools. In addition, he runs the our volunteer programme. If you’ve met him, you’ll know that this is a man who’s generous with his time and enthusiasm.

Nicholas Hook

Project Management Assistant

Nicholas is Justin’s personal assistant and helps out with the daily running of Neighbourhood farm. As a youngster Nicholas spent the majority of his time doing some or other form of skateboarding. When he wasn’t competing or racing down a local road you would have most probably found him climbing up a mountain. He later learnt vipassana meditation which grounded him enough to get his Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture. After studying he went travelling around South Africa and Malawi. Nicholas has now settled down in Kommetjie to be closer the farms.

Alick Kulua

Maintenance Foreman

Alick joined the team in 2018 and showed such great potential that we promoted him to Maitnenance Foreman in 2019. He has a quirky sense of humour, is the best checkers player in the world (he’s almost unbeatable) and has a brilliant can do attitude that we love.

Sales Staff

Stanley Ndava

Stan was the first Shop Keeper at the original Kommetjie Primary School Neighbourhood Shop. He enjoys meeting the people, seeing how the organic crops grown and is very passionate about the produce that we grow. He studied finance, which dovetails well with managing and selling the stock in the shops and hopes to one day use his passion for numbers and finance in his own venture. His favourite veggie from the garden is spinach

Loice Ruvimborwaishe

Loice is the Shop Keeper at False Bay Hospital. She loves meeting and interacting with the variety of different people and cultures, and has a keen interest in the environment and learning about urban farming. Her dream is to learn as much as she can to start philanthropic ventures of her own one day. Her favourite veggies from the garden are cucumbers and spinach.

Gilbert Musonah

Gilbert is the latest member of the Neighbourhood Farm Team and looks after the shop at Laerskool Paul Greyling in Fishhoek. He’s currently studying engineering and hopes to learn as much as he can from this experience to further his career and solving the necessary problems that we face. He loves interacting with the customers and his favourite veggie from the garden is – no surprise – spinach!

Head Market Gardeners

Efias Banda

Ephius is the Head market gardener at the Laerskool Paul Greyling Neighbourhood Farm. He grew up in Nkhotakota, Malawi. He believes that nothing is impossible and is living proof that hard work and dedication can make your dreams come true.

Anele Gxilayo

Anele Joined the team in 2018 and has show great potential. His quiet, can do demeanour is a stalwart of our Kommetjie Primary Neighbourhood Farm. He originally comes from Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape, has a son of 9 years old and in the future would like to run his own market garden in the Eastern Cape.

Saneliswe Mkrezo

Sanelisiwe, is the Head Market Gardener at Neighbourhood Farm’s False Bay Hospital. Born in Pietermaritzburg, she moved to Cape Town in 2017 and took over the reins at the False Bay Hospital Neighbourhood Farm in 2018. Her dream is too run and manage her own Neighbourhood Farm as an entrepreneur.

Assistant Market Gardeners

Alice Sithole

Alice is married to Itai (our Ocean View Training Market Garden Foreman) and is a stalwart of the Laerskool Paul Greyling Neighbourhood Farm team. She is quietly confident. Has a brilliant can do attitude and her finesse balances out the team at the school.

Sameul Matupi

Samuel is not a man of many words who believes that actions speak louder than words. He is a market gardener at the Kommetjie Primary School Neighbourhood Farm and forms part of the tight knit team that makes the farm so amazing.

Kondwani Msika

Aka Happy. He embodies his nick name by carrying a contagious smile at all times. He is a Market Gardener at the Laerskool Paul Greyling Neighbourhood Farm and along with Ephius and Alice works wonders with the soil.

Tamary Charuma

Tammy – works at False Bay Hospital. Originally from Zimbabwe, she came to Cape Town in 2011. She started working at Neighbourhood Farm in 2018, loves growing vegetables and is a real people person . Her dream is be a head market gardener and run her own Neighbourhood Farm.

James Paseli

James, an experienced farmer from Malawi, came to South Africa in 2015. He joined Neighbourhood Farm in 2018 and enjoys working in the sun and learning new farming methods. One day he hopes to take the skills he’s learnt in South Africa and take them back to Malawi

Garden Guardians

Elroy Kloppers

Elroy is local community member of Ocean View who has been trained to be the Garden Guardian at Marine Primary School. He is living proof that guardians are an essential part of creating biologically diverse environments at schools.

Rafael Chikosa

Rafael is the Garden Guardian at Kleinberg Primary School in Ocean View. He is a proud man who has invested his heart and soul into creating an amazing space for the children of Ocean View.

Ngoni Kuyadeza

Ngoni is the youngest of the of the garden guardians and we are especially proud to have seen him grow from an awkward young man into a confident garden guardian. Nurture plays such an important part of what we do and Ngoni is proof that if you invest in people, you will be well rewarded.

Ocean View Training Market Interns

This is the team at the Ocean View Trainging Market Garden

Names left to right: Carrin Roberts, Lance Meyer, Nicoleen Jacobs, Clement Arries, Sophia Grodes, Darren Swain, Merna Booysen, Reagan Rubain, Laurica Petersen, Riyaaz Edwards