There are 17 schools in the South Peninsula and more than 14500 pupils.

Ukhanyo Primary School holds the title for most students (1850). Three of the  schools have over 45 in a class. Some of the schools have very poor outdoor sports facilities and some are in severe need of some TLC.  Sun Valley Primary is the only one that promotes a no homework policy. Some students work on ipads but most don’t. 3 of the schools are in Ocean View, a suburb that has the holds the title for most murders in the South Peninsula (42 in 2016).

One school has a memorial wall for teachers and children that have died in the community…

Of 9 schools surveyed. 6 recycle. 1 belongs to Eco Warriors. (Bay Primary), 6 have social media pages, 2 don’t even have a website.

5 of them have vegetable gardens,  one has an outdoor classroom. There have been 5 vegetable garden failures.

None of them have a productive regenerative or sustainable garden.