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Neighbourhood Farm is a registered Public Benefit Organization and NPO that grows food, minds and community in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

We believe that a social enterprise, underpinned by a mosaic of urban farms, can help all Capetonians, from school children to grandparents, to create a living legacy for our children’s children.

So what do we actually do?

We build outdoor classrooms…

at schools to give our teachers and community members a tactile learning environment where they can integrate food re-education in the outdoors. It’s a space where geography, science, biology, economics and food consciousness can be brought to life in a biologically diverse environment.

Around the classroom, we design, install and manage sustainable permaculture gardens, complete with fruit bearing trees, indigenous gardens and spaces for children to feel safe in.

The economic heart of the project.

The market-garden. Beyond showing children how food should and can be grown, it provides a small revenue stream from distributing and selling nutrient dense organic food into both the school and the local community. This in turn creates hyper-local employment and empowers the community through skills-based training and hands on experience.

Collectively, this makes the gardens sustainable, but in the medium term has a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of all.

There are more than 14051 children…

and 100 000 community members in the South Peninsula and Neighbourhood Farm believes that all of them have the right to have access to nutritious food and the knowledge to grow it for themselves. Every child needs a place where their fertile minds can be taught to love and respect the environment that they rely on.

If we do this, we create spaces for all community members to thrive and can share our model into further communities so they can share our success.

So far we've accomplished...


carrots pulled out the ground


porcupine invasions


Burst irrigation pipes


plants and seedlings planted


market gardens installed on four sites


Garden guardians appointed


Rainwater harvesting systems setup


Rare heirloom trees cuttings propagated


Tomatoes harvested


Bunches of spinach harvested


of chemical pesticide and herbicides used


of seed harvested


Local entrepreneurs provided with market access


Community members have become volunteers


Head Market Gardeners appointed


Of neighbours engaged


Heritage sweet potato varieties revived


bees visit our garden every day

ALL in 24 months…