Neighbourhood Farm

Neighbourhood Farm, with funding received from the Western Cape Premier’s office and the Department of Agriculture for its South Peninsula Pilot Project, has installed market gardens; neighbourhood markets and outdoor classrooms at schools and the False Bay Hospital in the South Peninsula of Cape Town, inclusive of regenerative, biologically diverse environments, as part of a larger vision of creating a wellbeing economy.

At 3 key sites, we’ve established 6000m2 of Market Gardens on non-productive or surplus land; have employed and trained 35 local unskilled or semi-skilled community members to be 1 of 4 permanent employees at every Neighbourhood Farm; have created entrepreneurial opportunities and sales platforms through 3 Neighbourhood Markets for more than 20 local entrepreneurs and are especially proud to now be training an army of urban growers.

Currently, we are completing the installation of outdoor classrooms at a further two schools and are installing a Phase Two, 6500m2 training market garden in Ocean View, complete with animal husbandry (egg layers), allotments, and an agricultural-processing and training facility after identifying a need for a different inclusive model for poorer communities that will train 10 community members a year to become market gardeners, but will also ensure that the poorest of the poor have free access to nutrient dense organically grown produce.

Collectively, this allows us to connect children and community members in urban environments to where their food actually comes from; how to grow their own food and become food based entrepreneurs; provided a platform for educators to integrate education into the outdoors; provide nutrient dense organic produce to community members at affordable prices; provide a roadmap for other communities to replicate our success and create their own wellbeing economies.

This, in amongst other benefits, promotes local socio-economic development; food security, healthy eating and safe food provision by making schools and hospitals social enterprise and community hubs.